May. 15th, 2011

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Would you want your city to outlaw smoking on public streets? Why or why not?
NO. Doing so would be as stupid as outlawing consumption of alcohol, including beer, in public places, as it is now in New York State. In fact you CAN have your beer, vodka or whatever else if a bottle is wrapped in a paper bag so that it cannot be seen. You can't smell the bottle, of course, but you can well smell a drunk person. It's not hazardous, it's just disgusting.
In reality smoking outdoors on spacious streets doesn't affect anyone but the smoker him/herself. After all, parks and beaches in California, New York and perhaps several other states are already smoke free. I would just outlaw smoking on bus stops and other typically crowded places where people have to stay for a while. But definitely not on public streets. Another reason for my "NO" is that any law should be reasonably enforceable. And lastly, if tobacco products are legally sold — how can one outlaw the consumption of such goods?
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And off we go... Opening tomorrow, or rather today already.
Are you in New York between May 15 and June 26? Wanna see a tokhes-kicking show featuring star actors and great music? Then go HERE and get your ticket online NOW.
Read more about the show on the Folksbiene web-site and Dani Marcus's blog
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The three notes (about my sex life) I got from the director after the dress rehearsal:
Fucking loud (in one of the songs on the sax);
Fucking slow (at 8 measures in Finale);
Fucking (too) great (at the bows music). :-)
That said, it was a hard but productive day. Thank you Team!


May. 15th, 2011 12:11 pm
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Zumertsayt. Es flit a feygl
Dortn vu s’iz fray un hoykh
Geyt mayn bobe in fatsheyle,
Brengt mir kaykelakh mit yoykh.

Shaynt di zun, der vintl veyet
Un es tsertlt mayne hor.
Un der tate mit der mamen —
Zaynen zey di shenste por.

Kh’shpring fun freyd af der kanape
Vayl di veter iz gor sheyn.
Kuk ikh af a greyse mape,—
Ergets kh’bin nokh nit geven.

Lebn nokh di zeydes-bobes,
Kh’veys nokh nit fun shmerts un payn,
Kh’hob nokh nit gefirt a libe,
Kh’hob nokh nit getrunken vayn.

Ot mayn shvester iz geboyrn
Kuper-royt, azoy vi ikh,
Zumershprenklekh, broyne oygn.
Lakht zi hoykh un loyft zi gikh.

Bald der tate nemt mayn hentl,
Un er brengt mikh ibern brik
Tsu dem hoyz vu s’lebt mayn libe
Un mayn goyrl — di muzik.

Kinderyorn, zise yorn
Kumen zey in kholem oft.
S’iz der prekhtikster zikorn
Vos mir trogn bizn sof.

New York, May 2011.


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